Welcome to Another World…

You were going about your normal daily life on Earth—maybe an interesting life, maybe a boring one, but a normal one without a doubt. This is no longer your normal life, no longer your Earth. Now, you are a Hero—a person called from another world by ancient, poorly understood magic to serve as a champion of the people.

The magic has granted you amazing powers, as well as strength and vigor that you may have lacked in your old life. Perhaps you have regained your lost youth or become beautiful and fit where you were once plain and out of shape. You might barely recognize yourself anymore, and with each passing day your old life becomes more like something out of a dream. Still, you have something from home to hold onto—a memory, a regret, a loved one—that keeps you fighting another day. You have your comrades, fire-forged friends who are as much refugees here as you are. And you have people who need you—who need a Hero.

This is the Known World, shielded behind the Palladium of Dreams. This is a world of ancient empires, lost civilizations, deadly monsters, powerful magics, and wandering adventurers. The realms of man are under constant siege by the creatures that lurk in the darkness, and there is danger around every corner. It is a world of beauty and hope, a world of ugliness and despair. It is the Known World, the center of all that is.

This is your home now. This is your destiny. Seize it with both hands!

Welcome to Isekai no Palladium!

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